Display cabinet hot bench 1 PIANO stainless steel sheet P = 400 W Dimensions Cm L37xP37x24 H Model VKB31R

Display cabinet hot bench 1 PIANO stainless steel sheet P = 400 W Dimensions Cm L37xP37x24 H Model VKB31R
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Vitrinas para exhibir productos de panadería, croissants, croissants, muffins, etc. y similar.

Una característica peculiar es el diseño: un mueble que puede mejorar tanto la configuración en la que está instalado como el producto mostrado.

Vitrines pour l'exposition de produits de boulangerie, croissants, croissants, muffins etc. et similaire.

Une caractéristique particulière est la conception: un meuble qui peut améliorer à la fois le cadre dans lequel il est installé et le produit affiché.

Showcases for displaying bakery products, croissants, croissants, muffins etc. and similar.

A peculiar feature is design: a piece of furniture that can enhance both the setting in which it is installed and the product displayed.

The structure is in stainless steel sheet, with a scotch brite brushed finish.

The uprights have a rounded square section and, together with the upper frame, give the structure an exceptional strength.

The base frame is supplied with a removable tray, and is also suitable for housing GASTRONORM containers.

The intermediate shelves, removable, are in stainless steel.

Glass shelves can be supplied on request

.The sides and the front are in 4 mm thick tempered glass.

The service side doors are made of 4 mm thick polycarbonate.

ONLY ON REQUEST the doors can be placed on the two fronts, with the possibility to access inside both the service side and the customer side (for self-service use).

The hinges, applied with a pressure screw, allow almost total opening of the door (170 °).

The upper shelf is made of tempered glass, 5 mm thick, fixed to the structure with 4 strong, wide-head screws.

The heating is obtained with a heating element housed in a special container, controlled by a 30/90 ° C thermostat and indicator light.

On-off light switch, plug-in cable with plug.

A stainless steel water drawer allows the humidification of the products.

Power 400 W

Dimensions cm L37xP37x24 H

1 shelf

Weight 10 Kg